People Infra understands that the demand for healthcare in India is increasing as a result of an aging society, population growth, a rise in lifestyle related diseases and the emergence of a middle class in the developing world. These pressures are challenging governments and local health authorities and are resulting in expenditures that are unsustainable.

The healthcare sector is responding by developing innovative ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our healthcare system, including structural reforms, new models of care.

There is also a growing trend to share the provision of health infrastructure and services between the public and private sectors. Advances in technology also play a major part in improving access to and delivery of healthcare within the community.

We integrate multidisciplinary teams to deliver innovative healthcare solutions across the entire healthcare spectrum. We understand the unique and complex issues that exist in this sector. We provide a range of services to the healthcare sector that are broadly structured into business and infrastructure advisory, program me and project management and building engineering.

By combining our advisory and management capabilities with those of our technical experts, People Infra leads the development of innovative solutions that demonstrate excellence and value for our healthcare clients.

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People Infra team of experts provides engineering systems to bring Residential buildings and structures to life so that they function efficiently, economically, safely and sustainably. Our aim is to deliver safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation for the modern buildings we design.

Listening to client needs and creating integrated designs that are effective and affordable are important drivers for People Infra. We pride ourselves on being skilled at integrating people, space and technology.

Regardless of the size of the premises our clients occupy, we can scale security provisions and access control systems to meet business needs. Specialist in lighting, design advice and planning ensures venues are designed with optimum illumination sustainably regardless of the size, location or project complexity.

By combining these skills, People Infra delivers cutting-edge and sustainable design options that demonstrate technical excellence and value.

Power Generation    

The power generation industry is progressively focused on improving efficiency particularly from developing nations like India, and continues to meet a significant percentage of the local energy needs

The People Infra addresses solutions to a range of challenges, including the need for infrastructure renewal in the wake of the global financial crisis, as well as issues relating to increasing demand for renewable energy, security, skills shortages and an evolving regulatory environment.

We at People Infra provides comprehensive consultancy services to project developers, contractors, asset owners and lenders over the entire power generation project life cycle

Our power generation expertise covers the development and implementation of new projects, engineering and technical support with regard to existing assets, and technical advisory and lender’s engineering roles for power projects and asset sales.

We have a history of successfully developing and delivering power generation projects utilizing a variety of technologies. These include conventional thermal generation utilizing coal, gas and oil, to renewable applications utilizing wind, hydro, solar and biomass.

With extensive expertise in power generation, we manage project development and implementation in a proactive manner to prevent delays, simultaneously implementing highly effective project risk mitigation strategies.